Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pulled In a New Direction

Well, I'm still working on my husband's computer, while mine sits gathering dust. I've completed the outline for my new short vampire story and have set it aside to gel.

I'm also working on those edits for Katie Rose. I'm getting near the end, and think I'll meet my end of the month deadline if nothing else happens to set me back.

I've also been approached by my critique group into writing a new short story for a Civil War romance anthology. Despite my plate being full, I just couldn't resist such a project.

I'm devoting this weekend to at least get a start on an outline for this new story.

Come Monday, I plan to get back to Katie Rose, but the diversion from editing will keep me fresh.


Nicole McCaffrey said...

Sorry to hear the computer is still down. They are such frustrating creatures!

It's great that you can switch gears from project to project and stay fresh.

Wish I could participate in the anthology, but I'm behind on too many other things right now. I'm having fun cheering all of you on from the sidelines, though.

Susan Macatee said...

Thanks, Nic. Computer problems are so frustrating, but I'm trying not to lose headway because of it.

I really don't have time for the anthology either, but because it's Civil War, I just couldn't resist. So, I'm pushing back a few of my other projects for the time beging, and I'll get back to them once the new story's done.