Friday, August 29, 2008

August Is Over Already?

I can't believe this month is over.

Time to see how I did with my August goals.

1) Finish revisions on outline of Sweet Redemption and write first draft.

Since SR is a short story of about 70 pages, I was able to get this one in. I just wrote the ending of the first draft on Wednesday. Now, I'll let the story sit for a little while.

2) Go over anthology story again.

I did a final revision and edit of my anthology story and now my critique partners are going over it.

3) Complete proofread of Cassidy's War.

This is my full-length young adult that was formerly published as Under the Guns. I finished the proofread and got a request for the full. Now, I'm waiting to hear back on it.

So, I think I deserve a few days of R and R. But I did do some updating on my website. If you'd like to see the results click the link:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Ten at Slip Into Something Victorian

I posted the Tuesday Ten today on facts about Victorian clothing over at Slip Into Something Victorian.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Erin's Rebel Excerpt

Since I've turned in my final edits for Erin's Rebel, my Civil War time travel romance, in to my editor, thought I'd whet everyone's appetites with an excerpt.

Erin's Rebel

Time Travel Romance

The Wild Rose Press - American Rose

The sound of her name on his lips made her skin tingle. She tore the paper off the package. At the sight of the brooch, her breath caught.

"Do you like it?" he asked anxiously. "I had it made just for you."

Eyeing him, she had a hard time finding her voice. This was Erin O'Connell's brooch, the very one that had sent her back in time. It shone in her hands, new and unworn from time and wear.

What did this mean? She must be following Erin O'Connell's footsteps. As far as she knew her being here hadn't changed anything. Will was still destined to die this year.

"I didn't mean to upset you, Erin. If you don't want the brooch--"

"No." She clasped the pin against her chest as the meaning of his gift sank in. "It just means so much to me."

His look of concern softened into a lopsided grin. "I'm happy you feel that way."

"Thank you, Will." She slipped the brooch into the pocket of her wrapper, then stood on her toes, lifting her arms to circle his neck. She kissed his cheek, inhaling his musky scent.

His mouth was on hers, hot and urgent. The softness of his moustache and chin beard tickled her lips. She opened to him, her tongue slipping inside to taste him thoroughly. He groaned, pressing the length of his body against her.

Hope you all enjoyed. Keep you posted on further developments.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things Are Finally Slowing Down

Wow! I finally have time to think of something beside my work. After juggling several clients for months in my home business, I actually have no work in at all.

I'm also in wait mode on several of my writing projects. Erin's Rebel is finished! Just waiting on the galleys. All I have left to do when they come in is proofread for mistakes.

And a few of my other projects I've been switching between are also in wait mode now.

I've decided to use all this free time to finally start writing the first draft of my new vampire story, Sweet Redemption. This one will be longer then Eternity Waits, but still a short story. Like Eternity Waits, it takes place during the Civil War. An ex-Catholic priest turned Union infantry captain is attacked by a vampire. He must save his soul from the vampire, as well as a beautiful Southern widow, who takes him in when he collapses across her back stoop. I'm having fun writing the new scenes. I'm trying to get myself out of edit mode though, to keep the words flowing. I've outlined the entire story scene by scene and am following it as I write the first draft.

If things go on as they are, I'll have no trouble completing the first draft by the end of the month.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

August Goals

Finally figured out my August goals.

First and foremost, I have to complete final edits for Erin's Rebel, but I'm almost finished. So, here they are:

1) Finish revisions on the outline for my new vampire story, Sweet Redemption and write the first draft.
Since this is a short story I should have no trouble completing the first draft by month's end.

2) Go over my anthology story, Angel of My Dreams, again.
I already did one revision, so will mostly be doing final edits.

3) Complete proofread of Cassidy's War.
The editor is reading the first three chapters, and I'm almost finished proofreading the remainder of the manuscript.

So, I think I should be able to complete these goals by the end of the month, especially if my home typing business continues in a lull. Frees up that much more time for writing.

Friday, August 01, 2008

My Blurb Won Third Place

My blurb for Confederate Rose won third place in The Wild Rose Press blurb contest. Here's the link if you'd like to take a look.