Friday, August 29, 2008

August Is Over Already?

I can't believe this month is over.

Time to see how I did with my August goals.

1) Finish revisions on outline of Sweet Redemption and write first draft.

Since SR is a short story of about 70 pages, I was able to get this one in. I just wrote the ending of the first draft on Wednesday. Now, I'll let the story sit for a little while.

2) Go over anthology story again.

I did a final revision and edit of my anthology story and now my critique partners are going over it.

3) Complete proofread of Cassidy's War.

This is my full-length young adult that was formerly published as Under the Guns. I finished the proofread and got a request for the full. Now, I'm waiting to hear back on it.

So, I think I deserve a few days of R and R. But I did do some updating on my website. If you'd like to see the results click the link:

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