Sunday, December 27, 2009

Found a Christmas present I'd missed!

A great new review for Erin's Rebel posted on Christmas Day at ParaNormalRomance! Reviewer Karen Michelle Nutt called Erin's Rebel, "Beautifully Done Historical Romance."

She also said, "Recommended Read for paranormal and historical romance readers or it you simply enjoy and good love story!"

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winner of An American Rose Christmas download!

Joan K. Maze is the winner of the drawing for a pdf download of An American Rose Christmas at Slip Into Something Victorian!

Congratulations, Joan! Enjoy!

And a big thanks to all who entered!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Still time to leave a comment...

...over at Slip Into Something Victorian for the chance to win a pdf copy of An American Rose Christmas anthology.

My Civil War romance story The Christmas Ball is included. Read excerpt in post below.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Winner of box of romance books!!

The winner of the box of romance books is Karen Michelle Nutter!

Congratulations, Karen!! And a big thanks to everyone who stopped to read my excerpts this week.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Final day to enter to win box of books!

Today is the final day of my excerpt posts and also the last day to leave a comment to be entered in the box of books drawing! Scroll all the way down for the details.

This excerpt is from my December 11th upcoming release in the anthology An American Rose Christmas from The Wild Rose Press.

Blurb for my story, The Christmas Ball.

While pretending to be a male soldier, farm girl Sara Brewster falls for a handsome Union army surgeon. When her secret is revealed, will a lavish Christmas Eve ball work in her favor--or will her heart be broken?

Excerpt from The Christmas Ball

She rose, rubbing her hands over her arms. "You won't tell on me, will you? My parents depend on the money I send home."

He sighed. "Not if you don't want me to, but I don't think this is a wise idea. You could serve just as well as a civilian nurse."

She shook her head. "I wouldn't make near enough money, and I like being a soldier."

He rose and settled his hand on her shoulder. "I won't betray your trust,, Miss Brewster. I promise."

Her sharp intake of breath sent his gaze to her face. Her full lips parted and a blush colored her cheeks. He ran his hand down her arm and took her hand. It was work-roughened, the nails broken, but small, making her seem vulnerable and frail. She'd had a hard life by her reckoning. He wanted to do something for her, to help lighten her workload.

To his surprise, she lifted his hand to her face and kissed the back of it. The softness of her lips on his knuckles sent a shiver through him."Miss Brewster," he said. "This isn't a good idea."

She drew in a deep breath. "Doc Ellison, I've longed to do this ever since I first set eyes on you."

Although the e-book isn't available until December 11th, the print version is already out at Amazon Barnes and, as well as The Wild Rose Press as part of the Christmas bundles

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Vampire E-book excerpt

My historical vampire romance, Sweet Redemption, is now available from The Wild Rose Press. Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for the box of romance books. Scroll all the way down for details.

Reviewer, Fern, of Long and Short Reviews said, "I love books that snag your attention from the start and maintain it throughout, and Sweet Redemption didn't disappoint. The writing is wonderful, the pace is nice and brisk, and the romance between Jon and Maddie is set at a believable simmer...But sure to put this book on your TBR list..."

On a cold December night, Union infantry captain, Jonathan Hackett is pinned down on the Fredericksburg battlefield trying to escape Confederate fire. But a creature of the night, more dangerous than any enemy soldier, stalks him. Jon must fight for his life as well as his soul. Maddie Emery has lost everything dear to her. Her husband and parents had passed on and her brothers are off fighting in the Confederate Army. She's alone, trying single-handedly to hold onto her family's farm, when a Yankee soldier collapses across her stoop. Maddie and Jon form and bond of love and desire, but as Jon exhibits signs of becoming the creature he fears most, is their love enough to fight off the evil of a centuries old vampire bent on destroying them?


Those knocks were not made by a wolf, but he suspected the wolf had something to do with Reverend Arnwolf. "Is the wolf his minion, or can he transform himself?" he said, under his breath.

"What?" Mrs. Emery moved close. Her scent invaded his thoughts. "Please, tell me what’s going on?"

Jon sighed. "When I said I was attacked by a wild dog, I lied." He moved back to the settee and sat, his hands dangling between his knees.

She sat beside him, but held herself ramrod straight. "What or who attacked you?"

"I was pinned down on the battlefield. Spent the night in the freezing cold. All of my men had died. A man appeared. Claimed to be a minister from Austria." Jon grimaced as he recalled Arnwolf's blood-red eyes and the sharp pierce of his fangs as they entered Jon’s throat. "He offered to help me, but...instead he led me to an abandoned barn and attacked me."

Mrs. Emery gasped. "You're not saying this man--"

"He bit me on the throat." Jon pushed his hand through his hair. "I don't know exactly what he is, but he's not human."

"That's who you believe was at the door?"

Jon nodded. "I don't know how, but I now have a connection to him." He fingered the bumps on his throat. "I know things about him I shouldn't possibly know."

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Excerpt from Civil War romance, Confederate Rose

In the latest review from You Gotta Read Reviews, reviewer Martha said, "The writing flowed smoothy. I liked the way the romance developed between Katie and Alex. The conflicting emotions they each face make this an engaging story. If you like a romance wrapped in the conflicts of the Civil War you will definitely enjoy this book!"

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Disguised as a man to serve with her husband as a soldier in the Confederate Army, Irish immigrant Katie Rose O'Reilly vows to remain in the ranks and seek revenge on Yankees after her husband is killed at Sharpsburg. When she falls and almost drowns in a swollen stream, Southerner Alexander Hart, a Yankee spy, saves Katie from drowning, then nurses her through a resulting fever, keeping his identity secret from the feisty and beautiful Rebel soldier even as he finds himseld falling in love with her. Can Katie reconcile her loyalties with her love?


"I'm hating to have to say it, since I'd accused you of being a thief, but I stole something from you." She looked away.

"What could you...?" He racked his mind trying to figure out what she could have taken.

"I went through yer pack."

"In Patrick's tent?"

"No, weeks ago back at the cabin. I went through it to try to learn more about you when you were in the stable. I found a letter and took it but didn't have time to read it until now."

Alex swallowed.

"It was a Federal dispatch. Yer a Yankee."

His chest tightened. No wonder he'd been unable to find the dispatch. She'd had it all along. "What do you intend to do?" He hoped she wouldn't discover his real motive. He could never harm her.

"You lied to me the whole time," she said, disbelief marring her delicate features.

He exhaled the breath he'd held. "I had no choice."

"If I'd known you to be a Yankee, I'd have shot you the first chance I got." Her eyes glittered in the light of the fire. "You touched me...pretended to care fer me. And all the while, you lied to me."

The raw hurt on her face broke his heart. He'd deceived her. He couldn't deny it. "What do you intend to do?" he asked again.

She shook her head slowly. "I'm sorry, Alex, but 'tis me duty to turn you in."

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Excerpt from Civil War romance anthology story

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TwoLips Reviews gave the anthology Northern Roses and Southern Belles 41/2 lips!

About my story, Angel of My Dreams, "Ms. Macatee's tale was a bittersweet morsel of a dream and a hope that Kyle and Josie will find on another in time. Angel of My Dreams stole my heart and Ms. Macatee made this story all the more real by using her knowledge of history and creating characters with deep emotions that break your heart."

When Civil War reenactor, Kyle Dalton, keeps seeing a beautiful woman on the battlefield tending to soldiers, he thinks she's another reenactor. But when she disappears into thin air, he starts to believe he's seen a ghost. Did he have a past life with this woman?


A chill ran down Kyle's spine. Josie, that's the name Derek said he'd been calling out last night. "What reenactment group you with?"

She bit her lip. "I'm afraid I don't understand your question, sir."

"You're not with a group? How about one of the civilian groups?"

"Oh, no. I'm here on my own. I want to help in whatever way I can."

Kyle decided to take a different track. "Do you live near Philadelphia?"

"I live in the city, on Chestnut Street."

He glanced at her ring finger. Empty. "Most ladies in my group come with their husbands or boyfriends."

"No. As I said, I'm here on my own."

"Well, can I walk you back to camp? Or are you staying off-site?"

She frowned again. "I stay with the other nurses."

"Great. Lead on, and I'll walk you back."

She smiled, and he reached for her arm. His hand closed on air. "What the hell?"

She gazed at him. "I can't stay."

She dissolved before his eyes.

Angel of My Dreams, part of Civil War romance anthology, Northern Roses and Southern Belles, available now from The Wild Rose Press.

To purchase

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Erin's Rebel excerpt

I'll be posting an excerpt a day from all my new releases, starting with my time travel romance, Erin's Rebel. All comments this week will be entered in the box of books giveaway. Scroll down for details.

Night Owl Romance reviewer Melinda says, "Susan Macatee did a great job in showing the full details about the Civil War and lovers reuniting. This is definitely a book worth reading for it brings the war into real focus. Betrayal and a romance that spans all time are brought to life."


Philadelphia newspaper reporter, Erin Branigan, is engaged to marry an up-and-coming lawyer, but dreams of a man from the change those plans and start her on a journey beyond time. After a car accident, Erin wakes to find herself living in the 1860s in a Confederate army camp. Captain Will Montgomery, the man of her dreams, is now a flesh and blood Rebel soldier who sets her soul aflame. But the Irish beauty holds a secret he needs to unravel before he can place his trust in her. Can she correct a mistake made long ago that caused his death and denied her the love she was meant to have? Or is she doomed to live out her life with nothing but regret?


"Ma'am," someone called, startling her. "I'm mighty pleased to see you're up."

She turned in the direction of the deep voice. Am I dreaming? She licked her dry lips as she stared into the dark eyes that had haunted her dreams.

"Ma'am? You look a might peaked."
As he moved closer, her knees turned to jelly. Strong, hard-muscled arms embraced her, offering support. Her head spun. She lifted a hand to stop the motion and encountered wool, a double row of metal buttons and a rock-hard chest. The enticing aroma of sandalwood mixed with a musky, masculine scent, plus a tinge of wood smoke invaded her senses. Had she hit her head harder than she'd thought?
She gazed at his lightly tanned face. Firm lips tilted upward slightly at the corners surrounded by a thin chocolate-colored mustache curving into a neatly-trimmed beard covering only his chin. Thick, dark hair brushed his collar and curled from beneath a broad-brimmed black hat. Her pulse raced as she leaned against his long, solid frame. Night after night in her dreams she'd run her hands through those curls.

"How can you be here?" she murmured.

"Pardon me, ma'am?"

"I don't understand." She tried to wrench from his grasp, but he gathered her close, lifting her into his arms. "What are you doing?"

"Taking you back where you belong?" He carried her back to the tent entrance where Doc peered out.

Erin's Rebel, available at The Wild Rose Press.

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