Saturday, December 05, 2009

Final day to enter to win box of books!

Today is the final day of my excerpt posts and also the last day to leave a comment to be entered in the box of books drawing! Scroll all the way down for the details.

This excerpt is from my December 11th upcoming release in the anthology An American Rose Christmas from The Wild Rose Press.

Blurb for my story, The Christmas Ball.

While pretending to be a male soldier, farm girl Sara Brewster falls for a handsome Union army surgeon. When her secret is revealed, will a lavish Christmas Eve ball work in her favor--or will her heart be broken?

Excerpt from The Christmas Ball

She rose, rubbing her hands over her arms. "You won't tell on me, will you? My parents depend on the money I send home."

He sighed. "Not if you don't want me to, but I don't think this is a wise idea. You could serve just as well as a civilian nurse."

She shook her head. "I wouldn't make near enough money, and I like being a soldier."

He rose and settled his hand on her shoulder. "I won't betray your trust,, Miss Brewster. I promise."

Her sharp intake of breath sent his gaze to her face. Her full lips parted and a blush colored her cheeks. He ran his hand down her arm and took her hand. It was work-roughened, the nails broken, but small, making her seem vulnerable and frail. She'd had a hard life by her reckoning. He wanted to do something for her, to help lighten her workload.

To his surprise, she lifted his hand to her face and kissed the back of it. The softness of her lips on his knuckles sent a shiver through him."Miss Brewster," he said. "This isn't a good idea."

She drew in a deep breath. "Doc Ellison, I've longed to do this ever since I first set eyes on you."

Although the e-book isn't available until December 11th, the print version is already out at Amazon Barnes and, as well as The Wild Rose Press as part of the Christmas bundles

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Jolan Warren Bishop said...

Sounds great--I'm looking forward to the ebook release!

Melinda said...


Your ebook sounds wonderful Cannot wait to get it

Walk in harmony,

Audra said...

I love civil war historical stories and can't wait to read it!!!!

Susan Macatee said...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! So glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

GLENNA said...

This sounds like a great book.

Christy said...

what awesome excerpts I have added e few new books to my reading list!

Christy M

Anonymous said...

This will definitely be on my list of "must have" books to read!

Susan Macatee said...

Thanks for commenting everyone! I'll be announcing the winner of the box of books here on Monday!

catslady said...

Great excerpt but I have to say how much I like the cover too!