Sunday, September 28, 2008

End of the Month Already

Well, I checked out my writing goals, or should I say goal, for this month. I wanted to try to finish up the outline for my science fiction romance. But, I didn't get it done.

I don't feel bad, though, because it was other writing obligations that got in the way. And did I accomplish a lot.

I got through the galley of Erin's Rebel and found quite a few boo-boos we missed during edits, so those are now being fixed. I also got a contract for Confederate Rose and filled out all the manuscript and author forms for that.

I also completed my anthology story and submitted that. I wrote a very short Civil War Christmas story that I submitted to TWRP as a free read and I finished revisions on my newest vampire story.

So, although I didn't complete my stated goal, I accomplished a great deal writing-wise. Maybe I'll get that outline done in October.

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