Monday, December 15, 2008

This Just Isn't Working!

This month I thought I'd try something I haven't done before. I seem to have no trouble writing a first draft or outline one story, while doing edits on another. So, since I have two new projects I'm trying to work on at once, I thought I could write a first draft for one and outline another.

But it just doesn't seem to be working. Could be that the creative part of my brain just can't create two stories at once. Once I'm done working on my first draft, I just can't seem to switch to the outline. So, for now, I've decided to work on the first draft on weekdays and outline on the weekends.

Don't know if it'll work, but it's worth a try.


Jessica said...

Good luck. I've tried revising and a wip before. It's tough.

Susan Macatee said...

Thanks for visiting, Jessica! I find it harder to edit one project while proofreading another. Writing new pages and outlining seem to use different parts of my brain, so I can do those things along with edits or proofreading, but combining outlining and new draft pages just doesn't seem to work.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

I hate when that happens. Usually it turns out to be something simple like I was heading the story in the wrong direction. But until you figure out what's going wrong, it's the most frustrating thing!

Have you tried brainstorming with a trusted friend or CP? That always helps me!

Susan Macatee said...

No. Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I just can't concentrate on creating two stories at the same time. So, I'll probably take a break from one, at least until I get a first draft down, then work on the other.