Friday, December 31, 2010

Writing Goals for the new year!

As promised, here's the list of what I'd like to accomplish--writing wise--in the 2011.

2011 Writing Goals

* Proofread and submit novel, Cassidy’s War

* List at least 6 or 7 ideas for short stories for True Romance and True Confession magazines

* Write and submit stories

* Finish first draft of time travel novella

* Revise, edit, polish and submit

* Outline series of science fiction romance novellas based on novel I put aside

* Plot out first novella

* Write first draft for first novella

I accomplished all of my writing goals for last year, except one and that's because I took a wrong turn with a new story I wrote over the summer. My goal for this year is to convert that story into a series of novellas.

What goals do you have for the new year, writing or otherwise? I'd love to hear them.


Jane Richardson, writer said...

Good luck with all those wonderful goals, Susan! I think you'll achieve lots. Me, it's to turn three short stories currently in draft into completed works, to submit assignments for my writers' course every couple of months at the very least, to revise and I hope, complete a full-length wip that got shelved a while back but that's now poking at my brain again.
On a personal level, my goal is - to stop worrying and not to sweat the small stuff. :-)
Happy New Year!

Jane x

Susan Macatee said...

Great goals, Jane! Isn't is nice to have a fresh slate to start off with? And it helps when you already have projects in the works you hope to finish up.

And I'm with you on not worrying about inconsequential things.

Good luck and keep that list so next year, you can see what you actually accomplished.