Thursday, July 28, 2011

Run in with a boxer...

...a dog, that is.

Talk about freak accidents!

Last Wednesday I was with my dog, Chase, and a few of his friends at the playground across the street from my house. A normal morning of running and playing together. Just as we were getting ready to leave, a new friend arrived, a husky. Of course, we had to let the dogs run around for just a few minutes more.

That's when I was talking to the owner of Butch, a 90 pound boxer, one of the friendliest dogs you could meet. I looked up to see Butch barreling right towards me and couldn't back up in time. He apparently couldn't change course either and rammed right into my left knee, knocking me onto my right side.

The dog's owner helped me up, but I couldn't put any weight on the knee. In the emergency room, they originally thought it was likely a tendon pull or tear at the worst, but xrays showed the break.

After sending me home in a full leg brace and crutches, I went to see the orhthopedic doctor on Thursday and learned I needed surgery to repair it, but it likely would just be one screw to hold the broken bone in place.

Ended up to be a metal plate and two screws. I'm home now, still in the leg brace and crutches and have to wait a few weeks to have xrays before I can attempt to put weight on it.

Goes to show how an accident can hit you at any time. I'm just glad the surgery is out of the way and I can now move forward. And best yet, this actually gives me more time to write, since I'm unable to care for the dog and do household chores.

Have to look on the positive side.

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