Saturday, October 27, 2007

Revisiting Goals

I just realized we're coming to the end of October--Halloween's just around the corner--so I thought I should revisit my goals for this month.

My big goal was to work at getting my time travel romance manuscript polished up for the Golden Heart contest.

As of this date, I have my synopsis and first five chapters that will be judged in the preliminary round, polished and proofed and have printed up the six copies that I have to send.

As for the full, I'm about two-thirds of the way through with the polishing--I'm also proofreading as I complete each chapter--and I still have a month to go. I'm sending the full on floppy disk and have already converted my file to Word.

As for the futuristic that's still in outline stage, I've looked it over, but haven't really worked on it. I thought for now I'd just put that aside, until I can come back and give it my full attention.

My next post will be my goals for the month of November, as soon as I figure out what they are.


Anonymous said...

Goals...yeah. You're much better at those than I am. I'm barely making it through the month with RL intact. Writing goals. I really do need to be better at those.

Maybe I'll make it a 2008 goal. :) To be better at making and meeting my goals.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Wow, good thing I stopped over here for a visit! I haven't thought about goals for November myself. Yikes! Guess I'd better start thinking of mine, too.

Thanks for the reminder, Susan!