Friday, March 19, 2010

It's a beautiful day!

Finally, after months of bone-chilling, buried in snow, or drowning in buckets of rain weather, we're experiencing our first real touch of spring. The temps are supposed to rise to 72 degrees here.

And it's making it all that much harder to stick at my desk and work. But I put in more than a solid hour of plotting out my science fiction romance story. For now, I'm calling it Jason's Honor, although that might change. I have the general plot worked out and for now, am working on a scene by scene outline. Although I have a lot of blank pages right now, the beginning and end of the story are really starting to jell. Just have to work on that darned middle.

I've also been working on an idea for a short comtemporary romance and ideas were flashing through my head early this morning, while I was busy with my workout and household things. Just have to sit my butt in the chair with my pad and write them down. That little story is starting to come alive too. It always seems the ideas come when I'm doing non-writing related things.

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