Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting closer to 'the end'

After taking a day off, I'm back to adding to the word count of the first draft of my science fiction romance, A Pirate's Honor. In the past two days, I've added over 2500 words to the draft.

If I can fight off my procrastination that seems to descend when I'm close to the end of a project, I'm hoping to finish up sometime next week.

I do have a workshop starting on the 19th, but I hope to navigate around that and finish this project up. I'm just so close!

Wish me luck.


Catherine Bybee said...

The End = The Beginning of edits, subbing, etc... lol

Isabel Roman said...

I'm impressed, Susan! And know all about procrastination and the difficulities in fighting it. Good luck, let us know when you're finished!

Susan Macatee said...

Oh, yes, Catherine, it never really ends, does it?

Don't know why the procrastination sets in when I'm so close to the end, Isabel. Maybe I'm just not ready to let the story go, but I'll have to come back to it eventually to start those revisions. LOL.