Saturday, September 25, 2010

This made my day!

Besides going back to a short story I started back in the spring and picking up right where I left off, I not only wrote 1022 words for a story that only needs about 2 k more to be complete, I got a nice surprise in the mail.
It was my first place certificate from First Coast Romance Writers for their Beacon contest! And I received the judges comments as well. Two checked off "This book is superb. Masterfully written." While the third checked off "A wonderful read." Not bad! All three greatly enjoyed the story and the third expressed a wish to read more books like this.

It's perks like this that make all the hassles of writing worthwhile.

And forgot to mention yesterday that I posted over at Slip Into Something Victorian about preserving food for Civil War armies.


Isabel Roman said...

That's great, Susan! Really makes your day when you see such great comments. And well deserved, too!

Susan Macatee said...

Thanks, Isabel! I need to keep comments like these when I get bad reviews or low scores on contest entries. It helps keep things in perspective.