Friday, February 04, 2011

Got a contract!

Already signed and sent off a contract for one of the short stories I sent to True Romance magazine, so now I'm down to two submissions out. But this contract really energized me. I'm really in the zone writing the first draft of my time travel novella. Latest word count is 8499.

I've decided to stick to my original title of Thoroughly Modern Amanda. I thought about changing it, but the title seems to fit the story.

I'm also psyched because author Victoria Gray is going to be a guest on my blog next week. Her first novel, Destiny, is a Civil War romance and a great read out with The Wild Rose Press. I also have her new book, Angel in My Arms, on my Nook. I'll be reading that soon.

So, be sure to stop back February 9th to learn all about Victoria and her Civil War set romances.

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