Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Edits are in!

I got the first round of edits for Cassidy's War on Monday. I was worried that I'd have to push my other projects aside to work on them, but figured if I can edit 20 pages per day, I'll meet my deadline with a couple of days to spare.

I did most of the work on this book pre-contract when I did two full editor requested revisions, so I'm hoping most of the work is already done. I'm hoping to complete the first 100 pages by Friday.

So, I should have time to complete the first draft on a short contemporary story that's nearly done, as well as plot out a new Civil War set novella.

Having solid deadlines somehow makes me feel more productive and efficient.

Not only did I complete the first 40 pages of edits, but I researched and wrote a Civil War blog for Slip Into Something Victorian that will be up on Friday and wrote another 500 words on my short story.

It might be because, now I have a deadline for the edits, I'm getting right to work instead of fooling around online or checking emails.

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