Saturday, April 23, 2011

Very productive week in writing

I'm happy to say I've completed the first 100 pages of edits on my newly contracted novel, Cassidy's War. Fortunately, since I've already gone through two revision requests with this manuscript, these mostly seem to be line edits and I have three weeks to finish up.

I also completed the first draft of a short magazine romance story. I'm putting that aside for a week before doing edits and polishing a bit before submitting.

Besides all that, I researched, wrote and posted a history blog at Slip Into Something Victorian on the Baltimore Raid at the start of the American Civil War.

I think the contracted edits are helping to get me right into my writing tasks. Before the contract, I'd sometimes have a hard time deciding which project I wanted to work on, since I always seem to have several in the works. While trying to decide, I'd waste time checking email and websites, instead of writing during my scheduled writing time.

Hopefully, I can get even more organized now. No fooling around when you have to complete edits on a deadline that's not self-imposed.

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