Thursday, April 19, 2007

Writing Another Love Scene -- Oh My!

I've gotten to the point in my new Civil War romance, Katie Rose, where I have to write the love scene.

I always feel nervous writing such scenes and have a hard time getting the mechanics and emotions in place, so that they blend together in a beautiful, romantic scene.

The love scene I wrote for Erin's Rebel needed help. My critique partners insisted it wasn't as bad as I thought, just needed more emotion. Their suggestions greatly improved that scene.

Now, I have to do it again. I won't even look at the Erin's Rebel scene until after I've written this new one. I'm afraid of repeating myself and don't want to do that. These new characters have different personalities and I want the love scene to evolve from their unique backgrounds.

The good thing is, before I'm ready to submit this new book to a publisher, I'll have ample time to have my critique partners look at it.

For now, I'll just do the best I can. After all, it's only the first draft.

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