Sunday, March 09, 2008


Now that I have a story coming out next month and a book under contract, I've decided I have to start stepping up my promotion efforts.

I already have my website, and this blog, along with my group Victorian blog, Slip Into Something Victorian, but I've been investigating more sites where I can be visible to readers.

One I just joined is a new site called Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction. I've set up a page at:
I've also decided that to keep my promotion from interfering with my writing, I'd keep early evening hours to work on promotion.

We'll see how it goes.

How does everyone else handle working in time for promotion?


Nicole McCaffrey said...

I set aside Fridays for updating blogs, visiting other blogs and for promotional chats. Anything more than that and it starts to feel like work, LOL.

Susan Macatee said...

Yeah, Nic!

It does get overwhelming doesn't it?