Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Release Date!!

I got the release date for Eternity Waits just last night.

It'll be a digital release from The Wild Rose Press on April 23rd.

In honor of my impending release, I'm posting the excerpt I promised.

Excerpt for Eternity Waits
Black Rosette, sensual

Alexandra rose from the cave where she'd slept and stretched luxuriously. The moon beckoned, a pale, silver glow. He awaited her.

Her mind called out to him. Dimitri.

And he answered her. Alexandra, lyubof, come to me.

A chill raced down her spine as she thought of her lost love. How could it be him? Was it possible for the soul to be reborn in a different body? Her mere existence proved stranger things possible. Was she deluding herself? The young American couldn't possibly be Dimitri. But she'd felt his presence since the first time she'd come upon Caleb guarding the outposts of the Rebel camp. She watched him from the shadows, his body taut, on alert. He stared at her, then lowered his gun and reached for her.

She moved toward him, a question in her eyes.

"Dimitri, my Dimitri," she murmured into his ear. Their lips met. She took his mouth greedily. Memories of Dimitri lying beside her, his body entwined with hers, sent her passion soaring. She slid her lips along his throat.

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