Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Goals?


It's April 30th, so I thought I'd better go over those goals I made at the start of the month.

I've been buried in edits for Erin's Rebel, added to that the excitement of the past few weeks with the release of Eternity Waits and all the promo that went with that. I also had my first Civil War reenactment of the season this past weekend. So, I don't think I completed all my writing goals, but I didn't do so bad.

1) Complete revisions for Katie Rose.
This one I did manage to complete. Now, after a short break, my plan is to start line edits in May.

2) Complete outline for my new vampire story.
I didn't complete this one, but I have a lot done. Since it's another short story, there aren't that many scenes, so the outline is really shaping up. It's fun to work on something new after all the revising and editing on the other stories.

3) Start first draft.
Well, I didn't get to that. Want to get the outline finished first. But I do have a title for my new story. I'm calling it, Sweep Redemption.

The hero is a Civil War Union captain who was once a Catholic priest, but left the church. Now he's being stalked by a vampire and he needs the help of a Southern widow to fight the vampire off.

Let me know if you like the title.

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