Saturday, May 30, 2009


Did a lot of rewriting and I'm still about 13 K short of the word goal for my sci-fi.

So, I've decided to print out what I've got, put it aside and start working on the first draft of my post-Civil War story.

I need a change of scenery, I guess. Once I get the first draft done, maybe I can go back and figure out what new scenes to add to get that sci-fi plumped out.

I plan to review my outline for the historical tomorrow, then dive into the first draft on Monday. If I can get the first 5000 words written over next week, I'll be very happy.

Is anybody starting on a first draft? If so, let me know what your word count goals are?

And by the way, Northern Roses and Southern Belles is slated for release on July 31, 2009. More on that to come.


Sarita Leone said...

Good luck with the new novel! :)

Susan Macatee said...

Thanks, Sarita! And I'm happy to report I'm now 2012 words into my new manuscript and that's after only two days!

Christina Phillips said...

Good luck with your word goals, Susan. I've just started a new novella and am desperately trying for 1k a day. It's not a lot, but at least it keeps me bobbing along!!

Susan Macatee said...

1k a day works for me, as well, Christina! If I try to write too much in one session, I tend to get stuck. Guess I just burn out after a certain amount of words. It's been three days and I'm now up to 3117. I feel I'm off to a great start.