Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plotting Time

I'm back to plotting again, but this time I'm plotting out new scenes for a manuscript already written. This is the second time a manuscript came out too short after I wrote the first draft. So, what I've decided to do is reread what I already wrote, then plot out several new scenes I can insert right into the story. I've already written four new scenes, which added about 2000 words to the manuscript, but that's not enough.

I spent the past three hours rereading and writing ideas for new scenes. So far, I've got a list of five new scenes I can add to this story. The last time I had to do this, those new scenes really enhanced the original draft, so I'm hoping it will work with this story too.


Isabel Roman said...

Sometimes you just need to reread a story to think Hey, I need to add X, Y, and Z...or maybe that's just me. ;)

Cynthia Owens said...

Good luck, Susan. As a fledgeling plotter, I'm in awe of your plotting skills.

Susan Macatee said...

Yeah, Isabel. I think the reason I tend to write short is I just zip right through the story to get to the end. I find it much easier to enhance after the basics are all set down.

Thanks, Cynthia! Been writing for years and learning as I go. Detailed plotting seems to be what works for me.