Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thought It Might Be Fun...

To post an excerpt from my new vampire story, Sweet Redemption. And you can view that cool cover in the post below.

At first she held her lips firm, then opened allowing him to explore the velvety insides of her mouth. Encouraged, he leaned into her, and she yielded beneath him, sighing softly as she reclined on the settee. He pulled the pins, releasing her hair into a silken veil trailing over her bodice. He cupped one of her lush breasts through the fabric of her gown, and she moaned in response. Encouraged, he adjusted his body over hers, his arousal growing.

She gazed up at him, eyes half-closed in passion. He focused on her throat and the steadily beating pulse. He pushed a strand of hair back and fixated on the soft, white skin, gaze drawn to the pulse point. His lips grazed the spot, the beat and scent driving him mad. He had the overwhelming urge to bite. His mouth distended.

An image of what Arnwolf had done to him in the barn, made him jerk back. His heart pounded as he traced his finger along his teeth. Two sharp, pointed fangs had taken the place of his canines. He rose from the settee and howled, backing away.

Mrs. Emery stared at him.

He turned away, so she wouldn’t see. What had he become?


Hywela Lyn said...

Just dropping into say thank you so much for your lovely comment on my TRS blogpost yesterday, Susan.

Have to say that's a great excerpt from 'Sweet Redemption' and a great cover too. I like the idea of a vampire/civil war cross genre story, very original! Good luck with this and your SF story.

Susan Macatee said...

You're very welcome, Lyn! And thanks, I love that TWRP lets authors hop among the genres. I don't like being confined in what I write and had a lot of fun inventing my own crossover genre.