Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Too many projects...

...and now it's decision time.

I had a major interruption in my writing hours last week and now I'm at the point where I have to decide which of my projects I'm going to devote myself to for the next month, or at least the next week.

I have three projects I can work on. The first is a novel that needs revision at my editor's request. After she rejected the manuscript twice, I wasn't able to look at it for a while. But I do have her notes and finally feel I can get back into the project. It would likely take me a month. Then I can do a final polish and resubmit.

I also started the first draft of a time travel novella. The interruption of the past week has taken my momentum away, but if I bring up the file, I'm sure I can get my head back into the story. And because it's a novella, it won't take more than a month to finish the first draft. After completing that, I can put it aside for later revision and edits.

I also have an idea for a short magazine story. That would only take about a week to write, then I can put it aside for a short period before edits and a final polish. I did manage to edit, polish and submit another short story to the same magazine and now have a new contract to show for it, so that's incentive enough to get started on a new story.

The other project was the sci-fi romance I worked on all summer. But as I approached the end, something just didn't feel right. I ended up coming to a complete halt with that one. It will definitely sit on the back burner for a while. I think I need to come back to it with a brand new perspective. I may even try to write a series of novellas in that genre. Sometimes shorter can work to my advantage, especially with a genre I don't normally write in.

So, I'm left with three projects I can start work on tomorrow. But which shall it be?

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