Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 2007 Goals: How Did I Do?

So, as promised, here's how I did on my listed January 2007 goals.

I'm moving forward with the revisions of Erin's Rebel. I started with chapter 9 and am now revising chapter 31. The total number of chapters is 49, so I'm past the half-way point.

My second listed goal was to revise the outline of Katie Rose. I did start on that, but got distracted with the Erin's Rebel revisions. I did revise my synopsis, but still have to revise the outline.

I also wanted to start my "Women In the Ranks" series of blogs. I already posted the Intro blog this month. You can see it at: http://slipintosomethingvictorian.com/

I wrote two more blogs in the series. I'll be posting the first one on Sarah Emma Edmonds by the end of this week. The other one will appear in about two weeks.

Although I got a bit behind with the revisions on the Katie Rose outline, I feel like I'm making progress on both books. Since I've sent a partial of Erin's Rebel to my target publisher, I'm more focused on getting the revisions of that book done first, in case I get a request.

All in all, I'm happy with the progress I've made this month. Stay turned for my February goals that I'll list later this week.

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