Wednesday, January 03, 2007

January 2007 Goals

As promised, I'm posting my goals for the month.
Two goals I've already accomplished were to send out the partial submission of my Civil War time travel romance, Erin's Rebel, to Medallion Press. I did that today. I also wanted to enter a contest for the same novel and did that, too.
My remaining goals are to start the revisions of Erin's Rebel, starting with chapter 9. I've already revised the first 8 chapters and had some of them looked over by my critique group. My goal is to revise one chapter per day.
I also want to revise the outline of my Civil War romance, Katie Rose. Katie's a widowed Irish immigrant, turned Rebel soldier. I took a workshop on plotting and have my notes for changes in the work-in-progress folder. I want to look these over and revise the outline before I start the first draft of this novel.
And finally, I want to research women soldiers during the Civil War and post a series of blogs on my group blog, Slip Into Something Victorian. I want to post the introductory blog for this series in the next few weeks.
Stay tuned for how I do this month and my February 2007 goals.

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