Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year, New Goals

As we start a brand new year, I'm ready to start on a new set of writing goals. First, and most important, now that I've finally finished the revised draft of my time travel Civil War romance, Erin's Rebel, I plan to send a partial, including the first three chapters, to my target publisher. While waiting to hear back from them, I'll begin to revise the remaining chapters. Erin's Rebel is the story of a journalist who finds herself back in the time of the Civil War. There she meets the love of her life, a Confederate army captain.
I also plan to revise the outline of another Civil War romance that I'm calling Katie Rose. This is the story of an Irish immigrant who is widowed early in the war. She disguises herself as a man to fight Yankees, and meets and becomes involved with a Southerner, who unknown to her, is a Yankee spy. After revising the outline of this book, I plan to start writing the first draft and finish the draft by the end of the year.
I also plan to contribute to my group research blog, Slip Into Something Victorian, at least twice a month and to this blog twice a week.
My final project is to start preliminary work on a futuristic romance and to start worldbuilding for this project.
I also want to work in a few online workshops along the way, as well as keep up with my growing to-be-read pile of current novels in the genres I'm now writing in or plan to write in in the future.
Each month, I'll map out my goals for that month and post them here. I'll also let you know how well I did in accomplishing the goals listed for the previous month.

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