Friday, December 29, 2006

Year 2006 Goals - How Did I Do?

Before I list my writing related goals for the coming year, I thought I'd review my goals for the year 2006 and see how I did.
I entered a total of 9 contests for Erin's Rebel, extending my goal to enter at least 6 contests over a twelve month period. I placed fourth in one contest in the paranormal category in The Valley Forge Romance Writers, SHEILA. I received valuable feedback from the other contests and three I entered haven't yet been judged.
A goal that I was unable to meet was to complete the rewrite of Erin's Rebel in time for the Golden Heart. When I realized that I wouldn't make that dealine, I decided to try to get the draft finished by late January. Although I wasn't able to enter the contest, I did finish my draft before Christmas. I still have to do revisions, though.
Another goal was to review and revise the outline for my second Civil War romance, Katie Rose, by the end of this year, so I could start the first draft after the new year. But I put Katie Rose aside for now, so that I could finish Erin's Rebel.
I got my website up and running early in 2006, so that I could feature my published young adult novel, Under the Guns, as well as the two romances I'm working on. I've started two blogs, gotten involved in a research related blog, Slip Into Something Victorian, and taken six workshops, as well as presented one on Victorian era clothing. And I joined a critique group called the Scandalous Proofers that I'm very happy to be a part of.
All in all, it was a very productive year for my writing career. I'm definitely moving in the right direction and have a very good feeling about 2007.
Next blog, I'll post the goals I've drafted for the coming year.

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