Wednesday, February 28, 2007

End of February - How Did I Do?

It's February 28th. Time to see how I did with my monthly goals.

1) Enter Grand Beginnings Contest.
I'd already gotten a start with this one and entered in January. I have to wait until April, though, to see how I did.

2) Finish Erin's Rebel revisions.
I completed this one and got a request for a full from Medallion Press after they'd looked over my partial.

3) Start first draft of Katie Rose.
I'd just started writing the opening chapters, when I got the request for Erin's Rebel. I had to stop working on Katie Rose to get final edits done for Erin's Rebel, but I will come back to Katie once the other manuscript has been sent out.

4) Begin World-Building for Futuristic.
I've gotten a good start on this beginning with naming my planet. I chose a Greek name, Cynara. It's a myth name, but there's no meaning. I thought it sounded perfect for my fictitious far-away planet. Now, I'm reading World-Building books and designing what Cynara will look like and what kind of aliens will live there.

Well, there it is. I think I did well on my February goals.

Next, I'll post my goals for March.

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