Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What I'm Reading

I just finished a great historical romance. Although the book has a 2003 copyright date, I just got to it. I have a very large to-be-read pile, but I get to all of them eventually.

YOURS UNTIL DAWN, by Teresa Medeiros is the story of a nurse, Samantha Wickerham, who arrives at the country estate of Gabriel Fairchild. He's a Naval war hero who's been scarred and blinded while serving aboard a British ship. Unable to control his whims since he's been blinded, his family banishes him to their country estate with a staff of servants. They've been unable to find a proper nurse for him, who can deal with his tantrums.

Samantha is determined to persevere, and as the two battle wits, they begin to first, respect one another, and then fall in love.

There's a surprise twist at the end that I won't reveal, but if you love historical romance, this is an entertaining read.

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