Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Great Cover!

The Wild Rose Press did it again.

Here's my cover art for my Civil War time travel romance, Erin's Rebel.

Isn't it fantastic?


Anonymous said...

Great cover, Susan, and many congratulations to you! I look forward to reading your book!
Shirley Connolly

Nicole McCaffrey said...

It is gorgeous--and I know without even asking that it's Nicola's work, LOL. She's been in a "black" phase lately and they are turning out to be her best covers ever.

I think it's positively stunning--love the watch in the upper corner!

Cynthia Owens said...

I think it's a gorgeous cover, Susan. The old-fashioned watch is very evocative of the genre.

I can't wait to read this story!

Susan Macatee said...

Thanks, Shirley, Nic and Cynthia!

And, yes Nic, it was Nicola. She also did the beautiful cover for my vampire story.

Ashley Ladd said...

Very pretty cover. Many happy sales.

Caroline Clemmons said...


I love the cover. It is so appropriate for your lovely book. What I've read of it is one of the best time travels a long, long time. Good luck with sales!

Susan Macatee said...

Thanks, Ashley and Carolyn!

I still have to go through the editing process, but seeing this cover makes all the work seem worthwhile.