Saturday, February 02, 2008

February Goals

I'll make my February writing goals short.

The reason is, I'm taking an online workhop on Plotting via Character Motivation this month and want to be able to fully participate. I plan to use the workshop to help plot out my sci-fi romance, Moons of Cynara.

So here are this month's writing goals:

1) Complete (finally) outline for Moons of Cynara.
I'll use the workshop to move this plot along.

2) Start revisions for Katie Rose, my historical romance.
I've already revised and polished the opening chapters, sent partials and entered the Sheila contest, but most of the remaining chapters are still in first draft stage.

I'm sending chapters of this story to my critique group, so have started going over a few chapters, but noticed I started a subplot thread that I think I may have dropped in later chapters.

So, these are the two goals I want to concentrate on for this month.

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