Friday, June 27, 2008

Goals for June

Since we're nearing the end of June, I thought I should review the goals I made at the beginning of the month.

My only goal was to complete the first draft of my Civil War anthology story, Angel of My Dreams. That's finished and waiting for revision.

Despite all my computer problems, I'm pleased that I've also kept up with the edits for Erin's Rebel. I have until July 14 to complete those. And I also finally started self-editing my young adult out-0f-print book, Under the Guns. I've retitled it Cassidy's War and am almost halfway through editing the manuscript.

I'm also getting ready to proofread Confederate Rose. My critique group still has few more chapters to go over, but I thought I could at least start on the proofreading.

I'll be back next with my goals for July.

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