Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's In a Title?

I've just changed the title of my new Civil War novel again. This is the one about the woman Confederate soldier and the Yankee spy.

When I first started entering it in contests, I titled it Irish Rose, and won a contest under that title. But then I found out Nora Roberts had a book by that title and decided I needed to change it.

I settled on Katie Rose, because that's the main character's name and stuck with that, but now I'm at the point where the manuscript is nearly complete. My critique group is still reading chapters, but I want to start proofreading the opening chapters to get it ready for sale.

But, I went online and discovered a couple of young adult novels have the exact same title and a few romance novels have similar titles.

So, I've decided to make another change. I made a list of possible titles and sent them to my critique group. After all, they've read a great deal of the story and know what it's about.

And the vote was unanimous. My new title is Confederate Rose.

My next announcement for this story will be the completion, which hopefully will be soon.

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